Frequently Asked Questions

This seccion is a compilation of more frequenly asked questions that we get at the market.

Are all pictures framed?

Yes, there are framed with glass in three differents sizes, small (5 x 7 inches), medium ( 8 x 10 inches) and large (11 x 13 inches)

Why can't see the picture that I want it?

As you know each picture is one of a kind, so we can't have offer it online meanwhile we are in shows, so if you are looking for an specific piece, please go to CONTACT webpage and I will be glad to respond your questions.

What about the Keyrings?

The are one-of-a-kind and It's made with antique watchs parts too. The besel are antique bronce color and is cover with a layer of resin to protect the desing. The diammater is 30mm in the round and 30mm x 40mm in the oval shape.

How can I pay?

We accept credit card or PAYPAL payments. Of course we can also take personal checks or cash. In the Etsy store you will be directed to the cart with many payment options

Is custom work available?

Yes, but we are focus in pieces featuring Means of Transportation and Musical Instruments. If you could provide details o picture will be great. For means of transportation, usually I will request to send me a picture of the side of your car o motorbike, so in this way I can put all the details that your transportation have. Also keep in mind the size of the frame, it could be small (5 x 7 inches), medium ( 8 x 10 inches) and large (11 x 13 inches). I'll need about 3 or 4 week to complete the comission, near to Christmas season, 6 weeks in advance. Please don't hesitate to CONTACT us for other questions.

Is the custom work more expensive?

Not always, depend of the model. And if it will, is just a little bit, between $15 and $20.

Are the shipping cost include in the price?

Unfortunatelly no, but we choose to work with USPS that offerd a Priority Flat Rate boxes at lower cost in US. For small and medium size, shipping and handling cost is $10.

Is any way to avoid the shipping cost?

If you are living around Washington D.C. We will glad to arrange the best way to meet you around the area. If you are from another state as DC, MD or VA. and you are visiting us in the exposition, the shipping cost is on us.

Is there a way to track my order?

We ship trough USPS, once we ship your order you will receive an email the tracking number and all updates

Why in Etsy e-shop there are only keyrings?

So far there are only a few items in our shop. It is difficult to sell online One-Of-A-Kind art, because we can't remove right away the item if it sold in the exibhitions. For this reason we ask you to contact us directly by email ( so we can hold it for you. We apreciate you understanding.